How To Edit Your Paid Listing Contact

Only the Owner of the Listing and the designated Listing Editor(s) can edit a Listing.

  • Go to TOP website (
  • Click LOGIN button (near the top right corner of the webpage).
  • Enter your email.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click Login.
  • After you have logged-in, all your Listings (Free and Paid) are displayed in the My Listings section.

To continue editing a Paid Listing;

  • Click the blue Pencil icon or "Edit" on the right side of the Listing box.
  • There are several sections that can be edited.
  • Contact section
    • Click the "Edit" on the top-right corner of the section box.
    • Enter the Listing's English website address (URL).
    • Enter the Listing's French website address (URL), if applicable.
    • Enter the Listing's email address.
    • Enter the Listing's Office Phone Number.
    • Enter the Listing's Toll-Free Phone Number (if applicable).
    • Enter the Listing's Mobile Phone Number (if applicable).
    • Enter the Listing's Off-Season Phone Number (if applicable).
    • Click "Save". You will be prompted if there are any validation errors (like phone number format, etc.). Correct them and click "Save".

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