How to setup your TripAdvisor Listing

Adding Your Business Listing to TripAdvisor: It’s Easy!

Follow the these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Check if you are already on TripAdvisor (a traveller may have already listed your property to leave a review). In the bar that says “Search for Your Business” type your business name. This will display if your business is already on TripAdvisor. If it has, you can claim it (TripAdvisor will not allow a business to be listed twice). Click on “Claim Your Business” and follow the steps (TripAdvisor will verify you are the owner)
  3. If your business IS NOT listed: click on Get Listed Now. This will navigate to 
  4. Select “Hotels”
  5. Fill out the “Information Section”
  6. Be sure to write an attractive “Description of Your Accommodation” Focus on highlighting what makes your property unique and make it your “Hook” for the traveller. Is your property on the water? Do you offer a unique experience? Make sure travellers know
  7. Fill out the “Additional Accommodation Information” and “Other Information” sections
  8. At the bottom of the page, click on “Choose Photo”. This will open the pictures folder on your computer. Make sure you have a really good primary photo that best represents your unique property
  9. Double click on the photo you’ve chosen (this will upload it)
  10. Click Submit


Congratulations! Your business’ free listing is now available to be seen worldwide on TripAdvisor


Maintaining Your Listing: It’s Important to Your Business

So now that you’ve followed the steps and listed your property (or claimed your listing) on TripAdvisor, what should you do next? Here are some final helpful suggestions:

Once you have a TripAdvisor listing, click on the Business Management Centre: . Here you can optimize your listing, manage your reviews, and track your business’ performance

Optimizing Your Listing:

Photos: Add some really great photos that highlight your unique property (there is no limit to the number allowed). These will display in a carousel that visitors can click through. TripAdvisor studies show that travellers engage 150% more on pages that have thirty or more pictures

Manage Your Reviews:

Businesses are encouraged to monitor their reviews and respond as soon as possible. In a study conducted by Tnooz, 95% of respondents said they read reviews before booking

TripAdvisor users are 65% more likely to book with a hotel that responds (appropriately) to reviews

Track Your Business’ Performance:

Regularly track your business’ quality of reviews, quantity of reviews, and popularity ranking


Make sure the information about your property is accurate so that guest’s expectations are met and your reviews remain positive overall


Encourage your guests to leave reviews: properties that have more reviews receive nearly four times more page views on TripAdvisor. Use:


The quality and quantity of reviews are combined to rank each property in its popularity. Rankings are not assigned by TripAdvisor; they are determined by a combination of review quality, quantity and how recent the reviews are


For more information on registering for TripAdvisor please contact: Anne Guimond at:

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